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Birthday Quotes, Sayings, Rhymes and Proverbs

  • Time has a wonderful way of weeding out the trivial. - Richard Ben Sapir

  • Cherish all you happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age. - Christopher Morley

  • Yes, I'm 68, but when I was a boy I was too poor to smoke, so knock off ten years. That makes me 58. And since I never developed the drinking habit, you can knock off ten more years. So I'm 48 - in the prime of my life. Retire? Retire to what? - W. A. C. Bennett

  • For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance. - Mignon McLaughlin

  • Happiness in the older years of life, like happiness in every year of life, is a matter of choice - your choice for yourself. - Harold Azine

  • I prefer old age to the alterntave. - Maurice Chevalier

  • You have the wisdom of the ages, but it doesn't show. - Anonymous

  • Happiness may well consist primarily of an attitude toward time. - Robert Grudin

  • The birthday of my life
    Is come, my love is come to me. - Christina Rossett

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