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Birthday Celebrations from Malaysia

    In Malaysia all birthday celebrations family members and friends gather together to enjoy food. They may sing along together or play musical instruments. Friends or relatives who visit give presents to the person celebrating their birthday or they may give an ang-bao. This is a small red packet filled with money. If relatives do not know what to buy, the money is a good present.

    At about 16 when teenagers start to invite boys and girls to their parties there is lots of dancing and games to help find a partner. They often make up their own games so that everyone eventually finds their own partner. The trick is always to have the same numbers of boys and girls! At 18 birthdays are celebrated with family members or people may go to the movies with their boy/girlfriend. At 21 people usually have a big party.

    At all birthday celebrations people have birthday cake with candles and they sing the Happy Birthday song in English, Chinese or Malay.

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