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Birthday Celebrations from India

    In India children wear new clothes on their birthday. A child may rise at daybreak and get dressed in new clothes. The child kneels and touches the feet of their parents as a sign of respect. They then all visit a shrine, where they pray and the child is blessed.

    In the afternoon there might be a meal that includes a spicy vegetable stew called curry and chutney which is a spicy fruit relish. The dessert is a treat known as dudh pakh, which is a rice like pudding. They might also stir in pastachios, almonds, raisins, and a spice called cardamom.

    One of the languages spoken in India is Hindi.

    To receive a birthday present wrapped in black and white is considered bad luck.

    At school the birthday child wears a colored dress and passes out chocolates to the entire class, with the help of a trusted friend.

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