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Birthday Celebrations from Egypt

    In Egypt people have lots of friends and family at their birthday parties, so they often serve two birthday cakes. One birthday cake has candles while the other one doesn't. Cookies, individual cakes called gateaux, sesame sticks, and small sandwiches on french bread are also served. All the food is served at the same time.

    They decorate their homes with paper garlands called zeena that look like chains of snowflakes. These are hung all around the house.

    The offical language is arabic.

    Egyptian birthday parties are filled with dancing and singing when a child turns one year old. Flowers and fruit are used to decorate the party as symbols of life and growth.

    In Egypt a party is given for the one-week-old infant. On this day relatives, friends, nighbors and children coem to see the newborn child there will be lighted candles, flowers and samples of the fruits of the earth.

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